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Hey guys, apparently I did have the correct drivers; the problem was running the asussetup.exe. I had to run the "setup.exe" instead, everything is working just dandy now. Man I knew there was something stupid I was overlooking.

As for the SSD, I did purchase an Intel 330 180gb from newegg during their shell shocker deals. Following the online tutorials, I noticed that average HD usage would border around the 175gb, sometimes over the 180gb mark. I didn't want to be in that situation since I was weary as it is, so I just installed WHS on a regular HD and used intel's SRT SSD caching with one of my older Adata SSD instead. The boot up is very fast, and the dashboard initializes especially quickly now.

I put the Intel SSD into my parents' computer since they were sort of complaining about the boot-time. Lol, they were expecting computers to turn on as fast as a modern TV before this; the SSD was able to help realize that expectation.
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