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My System Specs


Just an example of good 2012 gaming PC, around 1000 $:

I5 3570k
8gb ram
GTX 660ti (last series of nvidia)
1TB 7200rpm drive
corsair force series SSD 60gb
600W PSU 80+ bronze or more.
Any Z77 motherboard around 120$ or more

You will prefer intel ivy bridge CPU's ,and last series of graphics card from Nvidia, or AMD,but i prefer nvidia..

That is a pretty good config for games you wanna play.Especially WOT that is pretty badly optimizied ( i have been playing it for 2 years)
Of course,you can get cheaper computer that will be also good.

If you want bang for the buck,you will prefer a GTX 660 non ti

I would recommend that kind of configuration for 1080p or lower...
__________________________________________________ __

( i'm not a fanboy or everything, i'm just gonna say what i think),for quality and price
For HDD,i think the best are WD and Samsung
For SSD i don't know.
For ram i think they are pretty similar, just look for the frequences.
For PSU,i will prefer a BeQuiet! ,made in germany , or a Corsair.
For CPU i will prefer Intel.
For GPU i will prefer Asus,or MSI,or Gigabyte.
For motherboard i will prefer Gigabyte
For case... i recommend a case from 70 to 100$ for that kind of config.I don't really know which one, look how it looks...
For Case fans,i will prefer BeQuiet! ,because i like silent PC's
For CPU fans i will prefer a Corsair watercooling kit for awesomeness,but it's a bit expensive,so i will recommend a quiet CPU cooler from coolermaster,or a zalman.

That's only what i think,i know some people won't agree ,but all are pretty good brands i think.It's just what i would do for my computer!!!! Hope i helped

I would recommend that you OC your graphics card, it's really good,especially if you buy a 660 non ti.

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