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My System Specs


The 12v is the main power your computer uses. Cpu, motherboard and gpu, along others component, use it to run. The more A the 12v (and 5v and 3,3v) rails have, the more wattage it can output. I personnally prefer single rail design over multiple ones, as you don't have to pay attention to spreading the load evenly between them.

While you check psu price's, you can almost tell the quality of the unit just by it's watts and A. Not all psu are created equal: i've come across 500w psu sporting 28A on the 12v rail, and others 500w with 16A... Take your time to check a quality silver or even gold unit: they are not THAT more expensive, and generally provide better voltage while being pretty efficient. Win-Win for me...

Just my 2 cents.
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