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My System Specs


I have just build a computer with a really good motherboard, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H , don't forget that gigabyte are pros for motherboards, and really cool features too! the UD3 is quite similar and a bit cheaper! i would go for that one,it's perfect,made for ivy bridge,of course, and a bios with mouse contol!

Get the corsair ram,it's good.for your setup ,i would take a 1600mhz or more ram! corsair dominator is great!
If you are a gamer, don't forget it's smarter to get 8 gb of 1600mhz ram than 16 gb of 1333mhz ram,for example,anyway if you are not a proffesionnal graphics engine maker lol you won't even use 4bg i think!
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