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I will post a few subs as well but will work around whatever everyone else has up. It is critically important to fill each stage with subs. In a stage that requires 5 subs, countries that have only 4 subs, no matter how good, will be scored below a country with the complete 5 subs.

1 - I have a Trinity but no real good graphics card, someone with both might be better but I'll get something up if needed.

2 - Not really anything here, I don't generally do much with 3D and the lack of video cards to prove it. I do have a 8800GT and a GTX laying around and maybe a 7800 but nothing in 9 series.

3 - Confusing about what they mean by 3 different cores... i3? i5? i7? or Sandy and Ivy and...?

4 - I also have a bunch of different AMD sockets, I guess we should be looking for AM3+, AM3, FM2, AM2+ and FM1? I can do FM1 or fill in whatever is needed.

5 - Of course, it couldn't be Geforce 210... LOL I have a few of those cards. I'll look for a 320 since its probably the most rare unless someone has one kicking around.

6 - Lots of 775, I'll see what kind of odd chip I have laying around to put up something.

Good luck everyone!
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