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My System Specs


Looks like I could conceivably contribute up to four scores.

For #2 - I have a pair of 8800GTS 512's that I've been using in my temporary daily driver. Last time I benched them, they could do 800/1840/1095 together. Even though they're G92, a pair of decent GTXs or Ultras should still do better in 3DM03.

For #4 - I have every AMD socket ever except FM1, FM2 and C32 - so I can help fill in whatever blanks need filling. Since they have to be different "sockets" - I wonder if Slot A qualifies.

For #5 - I have a GT 430, but it's the PCI version so it'll suck. But, if we're hurting for scores there, I can help get us to five if needed.

For #6 - I've got a few different LGA775 CPUs that I could potentially throw at it including a QX9650, E8500, E8400, E6850 - whatever's needed. Also, I have an ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe, since DDR3 will be crucial for this stage.
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