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My System Specs


I have a dual 7 and 8, but absoutely hate the new boot menu. One trick I used was to boot windows 7 and under config set win7 as DEFAULT OS instead of 8 - This restoed my good old fashioned Win7 load menu, which has WIn7 and 8, I can still boot from 7 or 8, not a problem. I can also keep adding Win 7 installs, not a problem I do it all the time. You don't need to use different partitions, use VHD.
I have 3 Win7 VHDs, 1 x optimized for gaming, minimal resources, 1 x WIn7 non gaming / work and 1 x dedicated for testing (hardware, software, etc.). all on the same drive, along with a win8 VHD, same drive, with the win7 boot menu. I can add win7 VHDs as much as I want, it will simply add to the menu. Of course if you are using Win7's boot loader, and load win8 from within its menu, win8 loading time will be slower than accessing win8 straight from its boot menu, but if you have a fast system / SSD etc it's all really irrelevant. I personally prefer the win7 menu as it is awkward for me to wait that long for the win8 boot menu to appear just to access win7.
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