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My System Specs

Default New member and new build.

Hey guys, I'm doing a complete system upgrade in 4 days and have some need of opions and advice on my new build.

My foundation currently sits as follows:
Mobo: Z77 socket 1155 mid range board with SLI/CF
CPU: 3570K
Vid: 7970 (my monitor is 1920x1080)
Ram: 8 gigs of ddr3 1600

Whats got me noodling is the case and PS.I plan to cool the CPU using the Corsiar H100i, and my concern is will it have clearance issues with the case I plan to use (Corsiar Graphite Series 600T).
Also what wattage of PSU i may need, I was going to get a 700 watt Corsair unit but I was thinking of going the CF road.

Any opions and ideas will be greatly helpful and appreciated.
Thanks HoserEh
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