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Default Help upgrading after motherboard failure

My motherboard seems to have died (though could possibly be RAM or CPU).

I was running an Abit IP25Pro and Q6600 overclocked to about 3Ghz, and 3GB of ram.

Time for an upgrade anyway, and hoping to find some black friday deals (good timing there anyway)

I am thinking of going with:
MSI Z77A-GD55 (or 65)

Will be reusing from current setup:
Antec Case
650watt Corsair power supply
Nvidia 560ti video card
3 1.5TB drives in Raid 5 (have another thread in storage forum on moving that over)
sata DVDRW drive

Looking for recommendations on the CPU and motherboard choice above.
Also looking for advice on memory (want min 8GB, but 16GB would be nice as I would like to play with running some Virtual Machines).

Currently have a 120GB vertex2 SSD for my OS, but will need to reload anyway to go to win7 64-bit for the extra RAM, so thinking about upgrading that to a 256GB vertex4, or something similar.

System acts as media storage (streams files to xbox via media center), some gaming, and work (mostly spent in chrome/putty/vmware client)

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
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