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Default Country Cup 2012 - Do your Country Proud!

Its that time of year again in the overclocking community. HWBOT is hosting the Country Cup to find out which country has the very best overclockers in the world.

Last year, Canada took 9th place

The important thing with the competition is getting scores in, since in some stages you might need scores from 5 different people to be competitive. There will likely be something for everyone to participate in.

HWBOT Country Cup 2012

Have a look, its started already and get those scores in!

Put together a little list so that people can see where we are missing scores for the competition. Nothing set in stone, of course, just whats put up in the thread. If someone else has already spoken for a stage that you want to put scores up in, please do. If a score gets disaqualified for whatever reason it will automatically revert to the back up. Remember, its much more important to get a score up then to have the absolute best scores, don't worry about the massive overclocks until all stages are covered.

Stages and needed scores:

Stage 1:

Gav777 ***POSTED***

Stage 2:

Geforce 7xxx - Rasparthe ***POSTED***
Geforce 8xxx - Dead Things ***POSTED***
Geforce 9xxx - 69_Goat ***POSTED***

Stage 3:

Sandy Bridge - Rasparthe ***POSTED***
Ivy Bridge - 69_Goat ****POSTED***
Sandy Bridge - E - Gav777 ***POSTED ***

Stage 4:

FM1 - MTP04 **POSTED***
FM2 - G777 **POSTED**
AM3+ - 69_Goat **POSTED***
AM2+ Rasparthe ****POSTED****

Stage 5:

GT 220 -
GT 320 - Rasparthe ***POSTED***
GT 430 - Valkryie ***POSTED***
GT 530 -
GT 630 - 69_Goat ***POSTED***

Stage 6: 5 different 775 processors

E8500 - SF101 ***POSTED***
Q9550 - LCB001 ***POSTED***
QX9650 - Dead Things ***POSTED****
E6850 - Rasparthe ***POSTED***
E6750 - Crantana ***POSTED***

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