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So, no budget, just value right?

AMD CPU/mobo bundles will be the best value. There was an FX-6100/mobo bundle for $150, 6 core unlocked cpu.
Radeon 7850 video card (black friday sales are off the hook) $150-160 after rebates.
8GB ram is standard these days roughly $20-40 for a 2x4gb kit, around $50-80 for 16gb, 2x8gb.
Intel 330 series SSDs are damn good values as well.
Look for specials this friday until monday, lots of stuff on the dirt cheap.

NCIX is having black friday specials, check up on them. If you don't mind the trip to Richmond, there's Memory Express as well.

On second thought, this stuff is good value, but it might not outperform your current system. Though it won't cost nearly as much as what you paid for your current one.
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