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My System Specs

Red face Dual Boot set up using Windows 8 Pro Disks??

Seagate 500GB Momentus XT 7200.1 SATA 2.5in Hybrid Drive w/ 32MB Cache at Memory Express

Picked up one of these 500 GB Hybrid Drives for my new rig (price matched with for $53.49).

My system is currently dual booting (Win7 Home & Win8 Pro) using an older 750GB drive for the Win7 drive and a 120GB SSD for the Win8 drive. I plan on changing the Windows 7 dual boot to this new drive which should be faster and I'll also load the games I play onto this new drive.

I need to do a little more research on setting up a dual boot using my new Windows 8 Pro disk - which I think will set up a Windows 7 Pro version on this new drive and the boot choice screen will be a nice graphics page and not the bland DOS screen that comes up now.

I hope I can do this without the Windows 7 Pro original disks. I only have Windows 7 Home version disks and my new Windows 8 Pro upgrade disks ~ so I'm not sure that this will work, but I did see a tutorial somewhere on this and I think it will work. Any advice before I take on this project?

I'm going to set up the 750 as an internal drive to back up my photographs - I think there is a way to automatically copy all my images as I save them in mypictures onto this second drive without having to remember to go and either do a back up using Adobe Elements backup feature or just copy the images using the file manager. My primary storage drive is a 2T Drive at some point in the future when I hit the 750GB of images I'll need to change to a larger drive but that is a long way off. I have less than 250 GB of images.

Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig

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