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Originally Posted by hen555 View Post
I have some computers at school running linux and I just cant stand it. Everything runs slow and the computers have Xeon processors...they are made to run autocad software so i assume they have some decent graphics cards.

The thing is I cant install windows on the system because it is the schools... I was thinking, is there a way to run windows off a USB stick so when I go to one of the computers I can just plug the usb in and boot from it?

I dont mind even windows XP (since maybe it uses less space).

How much of space do I need on the usb flash drive?

Also note... the computers have dvd drives... I dont mind burning a boot CD but it has to be Windows.
I have run boot CD's in the past for linux and they are slow because of the cd read speed...thats why I prefer usb i guess.
Download Hirens.. will do everything you need.
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