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DON'T ever consider to subscribe for Acanac. This company is doing business in a very dishonest practice. I ordered a Motorola modem from Acanac on Aug. They sent me a Huawei modem. I refused to accept Huawei product and ask for refund. At the end, I have to write endless emails to trace for 2 months before they take action to respond. Every time they say they will refund and ask me to wait but they never take action to pay me back.

On top of that, they refuse to refund me in full and hold me responsibility for postage charges and tax fee. Can you believe that? I ordered a Motorola modem and they shipped a Huawei product and I have to pay for postage charges and tax fee for a product I never ordered.

Also their customer services department and billing department are just too lousy to be true. They just send you ticket number and never take action to follow up your complaint.

If you don't want to be cheated by a dishonest company which have bad business practice, stay away from Acanac.
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