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My System Specs


Ive sold off everything guys, and I appreciate the PM's asking about it. I love to pass on the deals to the forum when I can, but unfortunately, it is only 1 of each per person.

The deal is twice a year (June/July, and late Nov normally).
Stoanee has the 3930k from the summer deal, and Soultribunal landed the cpu+mobo this time around. I'm grabbing the Intel 520 SSD for myself, for my first item in the past 3 RE deals Unfortunately, there isnt a lot of people on this forum that work at these locations, so we dont have a lot of extra RE deals to pass around. I do what I can to pass the savings on to the forum, and I promise I'll put up a new July RE thread when it gets closer it'll be up for grabs again!
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