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Incase you can't get a wired connection, I use a wireless bridge solution myself.
I'm in a separate house, so it's not really a good idea for me to drill holes through both houses and then have a wire laying around outside.

I disabled the router portion of the modem and used my own router. I'm with Telus though, not sure how Shaw is. WNR3500L (was around ~$40 for me) with tomatousb firmware on it.
I have a WRT54GL which is using DD-WRT to act as a wireless client bridge. Tomatousb doesn't do a good job supporting that, not sure about easyTomato though, but that only works on the Asus RT-N16 (which I recommend for a router).

So I go from wall > modem > wnr3500l (tomatousb) > wireless g > wrt54gl (dd-wrt) > pc/switch. I still get 2MB/sec, which just about saturates my internet connection anyway, so it's perfect for me.

Previously I was using the Asus wl520gu, and that thing sucks hard. I couldn't even get 500kb/sec with it's wireless, but it's damn cheap if you're only using it for wired internet routing.
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