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My System Specs


I would want the tablets to be identical and the movies would be converted to that tablet's native resolution already.

The tablets will run off either the home connection or the "carputer". The carputer will have 2 wireless networks, one for uplinking, and the other for feeding the wifi in the vehicle. If I need access to my cellphone plan I'll tether my phone to the carputer and the tablet will get internet via that. Also, Shaw offers many wifi connection points here in the GVR, so once the MAC address of the uplinking wifi card is entered in it will automatically just get internet access as I pass or are near them.

Size doesn't matter too much, 7 or 10 inch would do fine.

Budget would be up to 300 for each tablet, but cheaper would be better and then put into (hopefully) indestructible casings for them

New or used is fine also...
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