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Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
It is real fibre though. Bell has two: 50/50 and 175/175. I just wish they would offer these real ones in my neighbourhood, not the crappy faux fibre.
Well those are decent, but I bet the bandwidth caps suck still.

Originally Posted by oliverthefrenchy View Post
I used to have a TGV 65/5 from Videotron before that and at max ever managed to get 40/3 out of it, and at time it used to be the best you could get around here. Videotron's service was around 20$ more expensive than what I have now with Bell, with only 150gb per month, costing me extras every month.
At this point the best thruput you get around here is on cable for 100mbit/5mbit

Telus used to advertise that their service wasn't "shared" but that's all crap. It's eventually shared somewhere, doesn't matter where. It does matter if there is a bottleneck at that share point or not.

Anyway, my "shared" cable is probably the best service I've ever had, with an outage of maybe once a year. Mind you, I've got that same level of quality from Telus too, they could only offer me 3mbit. After two years of waiting I bailed and absolutely never regretted it.
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