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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Kinda funny how it's fiber but yet uses speeds you can just about attain on DSL and have had on cable forever.

When someone tells me they have Fibre to the door I'm expecting 100 or 1000mbit. Honestly, who cares what medium you use for transferring? I'd use carrier pigeon if it gave me gigabit with low enough latency....
I used to have a TGV 65/5 from Videotron before that and at max ever managed to get 40/3 out of it, and at time it used to be the best you could get around here. Videotron's service was around 20$ more expensive than what I have now with Bell, with only 150gb per month, costing me extras every month.

In Quebec the 2 main ISPs if you want the fastest are pretty much Bell and Videotron, and neither of them are cheap. In my case switching to Bell was a good move for the extra 100gb per month and the constant speeds and balanced network overall.

Now I never tried to sell the fact that I had fiber, that's the last thing I care about. As long as I get what I pay for, im fine with it.

Don't expect to see anything close to 1000mbit in the next 4-5 years around here haha, or if they ever do so, they will put ridiculously low caps like 300gb per month
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