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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Lpfan4ever View Post
I had a customer bring one of these in a few weeks ago. I definitely liked the finish on the bottom and behind the screen, as well as the ethernet jack cover being pretty well thought out, but that was about it. I feel the screen was terrible, that much gloss leads to a horrible experience in any sort of light. Trackpad is HP's typical fancy looking square which sucks for actually being used. Form over function seems to be HP's motto, and it's really annoying. (Sadly it's not even just HP, seems most laptop build quality is going in the shitter)
That's what happens when a product category becomes commoditized... just look at LCD's in general. It wasn't too long ago that the AVERAGE laptop price was well over $2K and now everyone laughs at people who buy a $2K laptop and calls them idiots (I don't though because they are buying quality). There is no more build quality left in laptops, with a very few exceptions... Apple MBPR, HP Elitebooks, Lenovo W series and not much else.
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