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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bliz View Post
Geforce benchmarks........

Optimize : World of Warcraft Cataclysm: GeForce GTX 550 Ti | GeForce

Ah damn yeah,not for starcraft 2..I thought that it was 1080p on second place!!!for WOW,it would be 60 FPS with a 550ti OC,right?Geforce probably lies...,But actually,for my 570,i could test on some games and they said the truth...Well,ST saw it in action, so you will have to think more powerful

I'm not sure that a 650ti would run SC2 at steady 60 fps tho...because it is said to be 41 with a 550ti on 1900x1200,which is pretty similar to 1920x1080... maybe an even more powerful card would be better,like a 660.

A 660 is awesome for the price, i think.And you will be ok for performance!

I also think it depends on the moments of the game,maybe some places with bad optimization,etc... can't really be accurate...
Benchmarks need to be taken with a grain of salt for some comparisons. Because the systems that Geforce uses to bench are High End Intel with High end CPU/RAM Combos.
Not, an A8 FM2 setup. That skews results considerably.
My Cousin runs a Highly clocked Quad w/550TI TOP and he can't use AA on WoW without taking signifigant hits in performance.

I find SC2 is all over the map with performance (GPU wise at least) as I have an overkill setup to play it yet in certain circumstances I still dip to 40 when my rig is capable of 100.

My recommendation to the OP is the best average for what he wants to spend. 650TI, 660, 7850 all fall in that range.


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