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Default Best monitor Tv (gaming - entertainment)

Hi Guys, I have a question about monitors!
I play with a gtx 560Ti twin frozr II from MSI on a resolution thatís 1440x900, so I want to change my monitor to a better one. Iíd like to use a 24Ē (not 27Ē because I think that 1080p for it isnít enough, am I right?)
My question is about which monitor I should chose: I would like to buy a monitor TV, of course I donít need the maximum, but I good experience in gaming so I would like to find a good monitor that has got a quite good TV. I saw the LG m2452d that has got also the IPS panel with a good viewing angle. I found very few review and different opinions about its use for gaming. What would you recommend to me? Do you think that other monitors TV from for example Samsung would be better or even something else?
Waiting for your answer, Ty.
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