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Hey guys thanks for the reply :)

Sorry I didn't mention it, but I'm using Premiere Pro :) And yeah 100% should get the job done faster, but I swear the 2600k I used at Uni did it just as fast :/

And yeah that is my card. but I have alot of cooling:

2 x 120mm fans on the top - Exhauust
1 x 140 on the back - Exhaust
2 x 120mm on the front - Intake
160mm fan on the side - Intake
120mm fan on the bottom - In take. and its a corsair 500R case btw=)

Yeah my mobo sucks, didn't see any reason to spend more on a mobo at the time tbh, this is my first 'Self build' and motherboards don't add anything in performance, do they? Apart from better OC'ing but I'm not overclocking too much

Thanks for the advice / help, any more with the new info would be great too:)

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