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Thanks for help

In Prad reviews ,in response time section for u2412 it say:

The response time is calculated for the black-white transition and the best grey-to-grey change. In addition, the average for our 15 measurement points is given. The data sheet for the DELL model U2412M names a reaction time of eight milliseconds (grey to grey). In our measurements, the fastest shift of grey is determined with a 11.2 milliseconds. Averaging 13.1 milliseconds, the overall response time (back and fourth) for our 15 reading points is not much longer. The differences between light and dark points are therefore low.
and for PA248 :

Asus calls it a response time of 6 milliseconds (GtG). After the reset, the overdrive option Trace Free to the value 60 is set so that we measure 14.0 milliseconds for black and white and 9.5 milliseconds for the fastest gray change. Also averaged over all response time (round trip) for our 15 measured values ​​of 11.9 milliseconds for an IPS panel quite short. However, occur in this setting, even to very significant overshoot in the entire brightness range.
so pa 248 has lower response time than u2412 !

But in other review and coustomer reviews U2412 get 5 stars and Pa248 Get 4 star!

How about input lag ?! which one has lowest?!
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