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My System Specs


Originally Posted by blueem2 View Post
Picture is broken. I can get 4.2 GHz on my 3570k without any problems at all. Temps hover around 60 degrees celcius. Where I start to run into trouble is 4.5GHz+ because temps start to reach 80 degrees. I don't like going that high. Mine is not a good overclocker however.
I can OC fine on air cooling up to 4.3Ghz, without overvolting. I would not recommend using auto tune OC or auto OCing as they might unecessarily OV your CPU and that will cause them to run very hot. It's best when reaching higher OCs to do some manual tweaks. For sure I would not push any higher on a stock HSF, stock volts. You will need a good AMC if you want to push higher, stable and higher voltage. Also each CPU will vary. Mine runs rock solid and stable at 4.3Ghz, stock V. There is really no reason to OC that CPU, it will handle all latest games fine at stock settnigs and 3.8Ghz Turbo, just get a decent GPU, the FPS will be great, the extra few FPS will not even be visible and really not worth running your CPU any hotter. I would not OC this CPU unless doing some long rendering, etc, to justify saving a few minutes/hours in the long run, but not for games, not worth it.
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