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My System Specs


I have a core i5-3570k, stock cooler is whisper quiet - I was surprised because I used AMD CPUs since the T-bird, and their fans were audible and some of them loud. My intel fan is whisper quiet, my GPU fan is also quiet. The loudest fans in my PC case are the antec dbb case fans (1 front, 1 side, 1 rear), if I turn them ALL off, it's whisper quiet, I can barely, if at all hear my Intel fan, at first I thought the fan was not working ! :D

If you are using case fans, these could be noisy depending on the fan and how secure they are to the case, or you simply ended up with a bad / noisy fan. If you have any case fans, unplug them all and keep only CPU ran running to rule out other sources of the noise. The stock intel fans should not be loud as you describe, never came across any :)
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