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Hmm very interesting replies. Alright first things first I appreciate all the feed back I can get from everyone right now its very helpful. As of right now I am running a 1680 ^ 1050 res. I am buying a monitor this Friday so I can get 1920 ^ 1080. So are you a 100% sure, I shouldn't exchange my A8 for a A10 processor for better performance. Also so if you say don't follow to deeply too what AMD has to say about the whole combining graphics cards. Would It be the best to grab a 650ti and will it max out the games and run a good FPS of 60 or higher? Also Bliz says a 550ti would max out the graphic settings and run a 60 fps and would it actually run good or is it just an outta date card. My budget is like 230 for a card atm and I want something less expensive but I really want something that will perform good for what I am doing which is, Raiding & recording wile raiding in wow. Yes also playing SC2 3v3 but not recording fraps of any sort with sc2.
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