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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
try combo fix. if that doesnt nuke it....DL avira's rescue CD program. burn it run it, use it. if that doesnt kill it. Try Kaspersky's rescue CD. If those two dont do it...I'd probably sandbox the disk in another rig and use malwarebytes and SAS. If combofix, avira, kasp, malwarebytes AND Super AntiSpyware cant kill it....nuke the drive and restore from backup as you are screwed, blue and about to be tattooed. ;)
i follow a system like this myself. Always boot up safemode and check msconfig and just general running proccesses (and delete and turn off all system restore points). Then i run a scan of Malwarebytes followed by SAS (restarting in between), if its not dead run kasperky rescue cd and UBCD4WIN (havnt checked out avira's, just might), then resort to combofix last only because its a pretty heavy program. If my pc is still infected, I would likely nuke it (albiet i havnt come to that worst case just yet)

Congrats on the virus fix though. Consider running CCleaners reg cleaner and maybe Rougekiller to see if any part of the registry is severely affected.
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