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My System Specs


For Caviar Blacks at least the math works out to the 4TB being less than 2x2TB (Newegg regular price vs that announced MSRP), not including port multiplier or add-on SATA card and such - it remains to be seen how well the new drive would perform, but looking at the RE version, a 4TB black should easily outdo a 2TB in sequential tasks just due to areal density.

That said, who is the target audience of this particular drive? From what I'm seeing, it's just workstation users.
Gamers are better served by a SSD+smaller hard drive combo (unless they exceed 2TB of games somehow). People hogging media would be better off getting a RAID array of 2TB drives or waiting for the less expensive 4TB "Blue" or "Red" since playing a movie isn't close to saturating even the slowest >1TB drives.
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