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Default 100% CPU usage when exporting? :-/

When exporting a 3min long video which is 1080p and 50Fps my CPU usage goes upto 100%, but why?

I was using a PC at uni with a i7 2600k and that only used 15/20% for the same video :-/

Also, whenever I stay on the World of Warcraft character screen for a while my graphics card goes wild with the fans and gets quite hot :S Not that hot that its a problem, but the fans are loud when it does this.. But I Play the game at Ultra maxed out at very high FPS no issues or heat!


i7 3770k
amd gigabyte 7970 OC
8gig ram
120g SSD
1 TB Caviar black
MSI G43 mobo

Thanks in advance!
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