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Yup there are additional big backers that will be providing a large portion of the funding. The high numbers for the crowd funding do give him more breathing room and more freedom in terms of development though. Chris Roberts said he'd have a main teamp of about 40-50 people but would scale where necessary and that could reach 100 or so.

The other things the record breaking numbers say is that PC gaming is very much alive and I think after this the bigger publishers might look at the PC again. We have shouted from the top of the mountain now and I truly think this is the start of a new age in PC gaming.

As for people getting upset about profits, I look at it this way, crowd funding is a mix between pay what you want and a donation system, it is NOT an investment. As for the actual game making profit I'm not worried, crowdfunding represents a small portion of the gaming market and with the actual sales of the game + the micro transactions Chris has planned. A saying from the forums before they died, Trust in Roberts.
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