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Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
Where are you getting your numbers from? When I look, I see the WD RE 4TB for under $400 without sales (and with a sale, I've seen them for $350), not $480. Frankly, for the same price, I would rather get a Seagate Contellation ES 4TB drive... comes with 128MB cache instead of the 64MB on these WD drives.

Also, I would rather put four of these in a RAID5 than RAID10, that way you get over 10TB and still don't have to worry to much about "losing" data.

The 6TB externals are actually two 3GB drives stuck together.
I got my numbers from Newegg. And for the Raid, it's up to you how much fault tolerance you are willing to accept. I have 4Tb of movies, music, and shows, along with client data and finances, I have 0 tolerance for possible data loss. I Raid10 my SAN, and I keep backups of everything. But that's me, what you can tolerate is what makes you decide what to do with your drives.

Where do you see the RE 4Tb for under 400? Just curious, is it Canada or US? I'm in Nashville so prices in Canada usually don't apply to me (That's why I specify USD rather that CAD in my pricing)

Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
I wouldn't call that cheap.. I'd rather spend half that for 2TB drives.
Well, If you buy down here where I'm buying, to get 16Tb of 2Tb drives costs 1432USD. To buy 16Tb of 4Tb drives costs 1356USD, with half the points of failure.
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