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My System Specs

Default Why is there no info about the Athlon FM2's or anywhere that sells them in Echannel

So today I logged into a ummm supplier of NCIX's account with a old login that for some reason has not been terminated and found this
AMD ATHLON X4 750K 100 FM2 100 4MB 3400
AMD Athlon X4 750k Black Edition 100 FM2 100 4MB 3400

AMD ATHLON X4 740 65 FM2 65 4MB 3200
AMD Athlon X4 740 65 FM2 65 4MB 3200

Very confused why I cant find these and if there in NDA delete this post but odd Theres tons of other FM2 CPU's that are not for sale anywhere but full stocked for the reselling channel
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