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My System Specs


Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
If you get the WD RE 4Tb, it'll cost you right about 480USD. This is 4Tb for 360USD.

I don't know about tech savvy people, but math savvy people see a value here. As for worrying about loosing the data, you can spend 1400USD to have 4 of these bad boys in a Raid10 and you have 8Tb of mirrored data. Pretty good for media server for pretty cheap.
Where are you getting your numbers from? When I look, I see the WD RE 4TB for under $400 without sales (and with a sale, I've seen them for $350), not $480. Frankly, for the same price, I would rather get a Seagate Contellation ES 4TB drive... comes with 128MB cache instead of the 64MB on these WD drives.

Also, I would rather put four of these in a RAID5 than RAID10, that way you get over 10TB and still don't have to worry to much about "losing" data.

Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
I know WD has 6tb externals.

As for seagate, check out this link, it's old but talks about the flooding that put back HD production until 2012. Even in the start of 2012 they didn't think they would have orders fulfilled by the end of the year.

The 6TB externals are actually two 3GB drives stuck together.
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