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Personally, I think using just 6 million to develop a game like this in under 2 years is going to be hard. Let's take the average salary of a mid-level dev which currently stands at about $70K. Hire 10 (a VERY small number) and suddenly, after 2 years, you're up to 1.4 million, nearly 1/3 the budget without factoring in hardware, software licenses, sound engineers, voice talent, distribution, notaries, lawyers, etc.

Most importantly, there's the question of profit. If this crowd funding thing is going to be a viable industry, the companies involved have to make a profit. Without that it won't go on since companies can't function without the guys at the top taking a paycheck. Now that causes an issue since the "community" doesn't like seeing their direct money go into the owner's new mansion or Ferrari. This (IMO) is where we start getting into a slippery slope. At what point does the "crowd" start getting pissed that more money wasn't put into development rather than in an owner's bank account?
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