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Question Crash Dump

A friend's computer is only a year or so old and has been working fine. As far as I know, no changes have been made to it. Yesterday it would not come up with windows, it got as far as a screen that said "Loading System . . . . . " and then it would hang. I messed with it just a little and unplug everything from the back except keyboard and mouse. It came up, loaded windows, and I thought everything was fine but now they say it stays up for awhile and the screen goes black and it says "Crash Dump" with lots of characters and then turns itself off. I haven't had a chance to go back and look at it. When I powered it up yesterday the MB gave a 1 beep chirp at POST. The system has a SSD for the OS and traditional HD for data. My gut is telling me its either the SSD or the memory but I was hoping for some thoughts from the peanut gallery before I go look at it again. Any thoughts?
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