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My System Specs


Youngman gave some very good suggestions
motherboard. ASUS M5A99X EVO I have one, its a wicked motherboard, very overclock freindly along with an FX6300 or FX8300. While not as fast as Intel equivalent, they are also less costly overall. But, hard to argue with 2500k/3570k performance and overclock ability easily faster then the FX chips, and more power efficent especially when overclocking is taken into account
8gb 1600 or 1866 memory performance and overclocking ability, I recomend Gskill or Corsair.
PSU I personally would go 650-750w which is more then enough and will allow some dual card configs or at least the highest end card without issue
Case far to many to choose from, the mentioned ones are great choises. There is also Rosewill R5, Corsair 200r, cougar challenger among others
cpu cooler is a def if you plan on overclocking hyper 212+ in push/pull, NZXT Respire T40, Thermal Right 120m, Reeven Arcziel, Artic freezer i30, or a AIO liquid cooler like Corsair H55
SSD and mechanical for storage. While a 60gb works as an OS drive(im using one) I would go with a 90-128gb minimum and if you get this now(black friday week) you can get 256gb for the price you would normally get a 120gb one
GPU the mentioned 7950 or 660ti are great choices, there is also the 7890 being release in the next couple of days, do not know exactly how it will perform. Radeon 7950 with newest beta drivers are very fast cards, the 660Ti is a tad slower actually when compared newest vs newest drivers, but both are great cards. I do not like Nvidia, but thats me :P

I have a 7870 overclocked, not a game I cannot play fully or close to fully maxed out @ 1920x1080 60Hz with a 955 overclocked to 4.055 @ 1.41v 1866 memory. A higher end gpu would be nice to max things out, bit tbh, I am happy with my "low end" cpu, great motherboard and equally great gpu, I play Diablo 3, mechwarrior online, BF3, BC2, Skyrim among others, the only one that sometimes is a little slower is Skyrim, but its not an "AMD title" and I have alot of mods on it. It still plays very well though, I can just imagine with a faster cpu/gpu would do.
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