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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
This totally disproves ANY thing you said.

While XP was a good OS Vista was not.. it was a turd.. just like ME.. ask anyone in the industry they will tell you the same exact thing.

Windows XP and Windows 7 are good versions of Windows and 8 could be good but it has to get rid of the damn Metro UI.
Well, personally, i wasn't a big Vista fan, but there are some Vista fans out there.

My brother was hired by Microsoft as part of their Vista roll-out crew - marketing & stuff. Said all they ever did was go to meetings & basically, do nothing. He left after a year.

The one feature that Vista had was the built-in speech recognition. after calibration (for the user's voice), it had features comparable to Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro - which went for $700 if you wanted to use it with Windows XP. Vista didn't exactly put the Dragon folks out of business, but it had to have put a dent in their business.

Both Dragon Pro & Vista had good inter-operability with application software, so you could say "File, Open", for example, instead of doing mouse operations to achieve the same end.

I say this typing on a Windows 7 desktop which has been modified to "Classic" which looks like - Windows 2000.

Speaking of which, i've been thinking about trying to install Win2K on some systems. I know Solidworks works fine on it, I would have to test 3D Max 9 etc.

As far as M$' threat to discontinue activation of XP, here is one user's solution -

"But xp requires activation or it'll wipe its self in 30 days. Never done a blank win2k install so I wouldn't know if it did.

I have an xp disc, but I can't read the key.

I just reinstall it every 30 days in a VM.

Takes about 20 mins while I'm doing something else."


Thank God & Linus T. for Linux.

Who do we thank for XP - Bill Gates ?

Just out of curiosity - what was the last Windows OS that Bill G. had significant input on ?
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