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also, for the AMD 8350 it will cost me Rs 17,000[$310] which I will get from ebay, not yet available in India :(
where as the AMD 8150 will be around Rs 11,000[$200] which is in stock over here.
intel 3960X is around 62,000[$1,130]
the 2700k/3770k is for 21000 [$380]
the 3570k is 16000 [$290]
and the 2500k is for 13000 [$230 - $240]

yea, the price is really high in comparison to what we can get in the US, but what can I do :P

and as I said earlier, I am ready to get the 8150, thats the most I can pay for, unless I was gonna make a gaming pc which is a totally different case :D
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