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To answer a few questions.
First about the GPU, it seems that the vegas version that i have doesn't have gpu acceleration. So I may have to skip to upgrade the gpu, as my hd5450 will do the trick to support dual monitors.

and for the mobo, i had seen ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2[760g chipset] , since it was one of the cheapest of am3+ mobos, and it was asus, and has a pcie for any future upgrades of GPU[if i upgrade my vegas] and for the 990, there is only the msi and asrock, but I will wait for the asus one to get in stock.

and yea, so did i found that the 2011 i7 is the way to go, only if you have a heavy wallet.

But it seems that the amd will just do the work for us. btw, i read some benchmarks on bit-tech or something of that sorts, and over there it showed that 2500k will perform a little bit better than the 8350.

So yea, no gpu for now, hence need a better cpu to compensate for that.

Finally, i think i forgot to mention, I am ready to OC as well, so yes, if we consider OC into the picture, which one will outperform?
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