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Default Need video card help (XfX 6990)

Hi everyone i believe my video card just died as i was playing dota 2.

What happaned was i was playing dota 2 and my screen went back and crashed. Reboot and i get a black screen. Reboot a few more times and im able to get an image on my screen. Boot into windows start "MSI kombuster" and computer crashes again. Now i cant get any video from my card, luckily i have sandy bridge with onboard video.

So far ive tried moving it down to another pcie slot and changed settings in bios. No luck.
Havent tried putting it into another computer, need to go to a friends house.

Is there any way i can test my 6990 or should i just try and RMA it?



i5 2500k
16gb Gskill
XFX 6990
Gigabyte z68xp-ud5

Alright so i determined my GPU wasnt faulty by testing it in a friends computer. My video card crashes randomly even at idle while on my desktop, sound remains but there is no video.

Any ideas? PSU possibly?

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