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I'd go with AMD here, since you haven't mentioned anything that requires an Intel processor. It's a gaming PC, so dedicate most of your your budget towards the video card first and if you have leftover budget and want to go Intel, go ahead.
Just because he's not using an ultra high resolution doesn't mean a better video card won't help. Maybe he wants more fps at higher graphical settings. Can't immediately dismiss video cards based on resolution.

Definitely get an SSD. You won't go back to using HDD afterwards. As long as you don't get OCZ, you'll be fine. Intel, Crucial, and Samsung are some of the favourites here. I personally use Intel SSDs for most of my builds.

I like Asus boards myself, and have been using them for quite some time, but MSI is looking really good now.

If you're looking for really good deals, take advantage of Memory Express's price beats. Memory Express - Price Protection
They really match anyone and beat the difference by 25%. I've picked up awesome deals like an Antec HCG-620M PSU for $55. Or a Corsair TX750M for $70 (though I don't really like this PSU).

Anyway, I'll give you a guideline.

GPU: Radeon 7950 or GTX 660ti ~$275
CPU/MOBO: Lots of choices here, but try to buy in bundle, it'll save you more money. You can pick up FX-6100 + mobo for $150. (NCIX CrossFire Bundle Deal AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 Six Core & MSI 970A-G46 DDR3 Motherboard) for example.
HSF: $20 for Hyper 212 or Antec/Corsair water cooled units around $40-50.
RAM: Roughly ~$30/8GB.
SSD: 120GB start around ~$80-90 and 180gb around $120-130
PSU: $60-80 You really only need 500w, but the price points get good around 600-700w.
Case: Your preference. ~$50 for a HAF 912 / Antec One.

That's your core stuff. So.. If you went for the more expensive route layed out here, you're looking at ~$800 before tax. That's for a 180gb SSD, with 16GB of RAM, Radeon 7950/660ti, unlocked 6core CPU, modular power supply, sealed water cooling HSF.
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