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Default New build

Hello, new here but not new to computers. I used to do alot of a+ work years ago but kind of drifted away from it around the time of the first pentiums. Since have been a Mac user and while my day to day computer is going to stay I want to build a PC for gaming and need some advice

1. Mostly gaming
2. Budget about a grand
4. Intel thinking i5 2500k again not set in stone, I would consider an AMD but know nothing about them
5. Plan to overclock to probably 4.5ish
6. 1920x1080 resolution
7. I kinda like the Asus maximus V gene but not married to it.

I dont need any top of the line end all system. Something to play blizzard games, skrym but thats it. Oh and might switch my video converting que from the mac to the new PC but not sure about that yet.


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