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Default Any replacements for the Haf 912? Or your "go to" case?

Haf 912: Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower Video Review - YouTube
I've been using it for so many builds, by far the best design I've worked with and dirt cheap ($40 after MIR these days).

I've dabbled with the Corsair 300R, but I was paying about ~$30 more just for the USB3.0. Overall, wasn't impressed though.

Then the Corsair 200R, a newer case. Right now it can be had for about $20 more.
Corsair 200R Value Gaming Carbide Series Computer Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips - YouTube

Few things that come to mind:
SSD mount location, hopefully it's removable.
No extra drive bay for more hard drives.
Those small ridges on the edge of the side panel to help lock it into the case.
Front intake is only through the small sides.

The Antec One looks great, except for the front panel. Not only do they use pegs to hold it, they attached all the headers and cables to it. Doesn't make cleaning the front easy.
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