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M$ is unable to admit that Windows XP & Windows Vista were good enough.

Of course, XP & Vista needed security updates - but those updates never required a somewhat new interface in the form of Windows 7, or an attempted completely new interface in the form of Windows 8.

A web search for "Windows 7 file manager" - to understand how badly blew Windows 7.

Of course there is also the issue of software compatibility. I have $20K+ invested in aps - all of them compatible with XP & Vista. The key ap, Autodesk 3D Studio Max Rev. 9, is not compatible with any version of Windows 7. 3D Max Rev. 9 runs rings around 3D Max 2013.

What is the reason I am expected to buy new aps, to be compatible with Windows 7 & 8 ? To keep Microsoft in business ? To keep Adobe & Autodesk in business ?

If Windows 7 was part of a interface design student's Master's Thesis - to iterate the Windows OS, while maintaining good file management and software compatibility - at most colleges, the student would not receive the Master's Thesis.

Windows 7 was the first part of M$'s Hari-Kari process - the part where they stick a knife into their gut.

Windows 8 is part 2 - the part where they make a sharp upward cut.

Microsoft is basically committing suicide, because they are unable to admit that they did a Good Enough job with Windows circa 2003 & 2007.

Saying that Windows 8 is good if you remove the primary skin is like saying Angelina Jolie would look good without her skin, like those wierd "Plasticized" human body anatomy exhibits from Germany -

(Apologies if this offends anyone, if so please let me know & I will just put in the image URL.)

I have about 25 M$ OS licenses total - and I am working hard to learn aps that run on Linux. The incentive - Windows 7 lack of program compatibility with superior revisions of various CAD programs. "XP Compatibility" mode is very hit & miss. Couple that with the dysfunctional file manager, and they might as well have sent a telegram to all their customers telling them to find a different OS.

I can appreciate M$ wanting to initiate an OS that helped them catch up to Apple in the mobile devices market. But to force a new OS on their industrial users - people who just use Windows because it runs the aps they need to make a living - that is the kind of drive-your-company-over-a-cliff bad decision that ends up being a case study at business schools. A case study of how NOT to make money.

I've been averaging $500 a year on M$ OS for many years now. That slowed down in 2011 because I bought a new home and just concentrated on re-installing existing systems. Then in 2012 M$ got $160 from me for 7 Pro - OK, well, they split the proceeds with Newegg.

These are the future revenues -
2013 through 2020 - Zero - EXCEPT when I buy a hex-core laptop. I will of course be looking for a laptop vendor that sells Windows 7 & Vista compatible laptops.

So Microsoft has produced a step function DOWNWARD in revenues from long-term customers by fvcking up their OS more - and calling it a new revision.
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