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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Are you happy w/ the work Dwood did for you? I'm considering him for all the metal work I need on my build. But I've heard mixed things about his work.
I have nothing but good things to say. The panel does fit a little bit tight, but it's better than too loose which would make it flop around. The cutting was precise and working with him has been great. Better results than I could have done by hand, which, is why I went that route, because, I don't want to compromise on this build.

His prices are fantastic and his work is great.

Originally Posted by Father Fuzzy View Post
Great update XNine
nice acrylic work
stickers look hot
did you print them yourself?
I am trying to print my own grrrrrrrr

Thanks :) Nah, I bought the stickers from Zazzle. Uploaded my own image and purchased them. It was like 20 stickers for 8 bucks shipped. Not too shabby, except they took a week and a half to print them. I had to email them and raise hell that my order was "processing" and like 20 minutes later they had a shipping notification. Other than that, yeah, they turned out pretty well.
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