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Time for an update!

So, the GPU should be in my hands Monday or Tuesday, which means? Build time! Now... for some more modding work....

Received the custom Aquaero 5 panl from DWood

Some Stickers for the fans.

Now it's time for some Acrylic work. I found that if you actually use a Dremel Metal cutting disc, and use the top surface of it, you can "grind down" or shave off acrylic in orderly fashion, which allows you to get more detailed results with a handfile once you're done.

Once cut down, I hand-file it


Then I use a propane torch to gently "kiss" the edges to make them nice and smooth. No screws are needed to install as the acrylic fits perfectly into the opening....

But.,.. I felt something was missing.... Something just didn't feel right... We need it to match the rest of the build... and there's mesh.... so...

Now, we need a hole for the LED.... X marks the spot...

More to come in the next few days.... :) The fun REALLY begins..
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