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Default CPU and MOBO advice for Video Production

as the title suggests, I will have to buy a new CPU and a compatible MOBO soon, the rendering times have gone down the ground. took me around an hour to render a MOV file which is the size of 80mb..

Anyways, need suggestions for which should I go for?

I am currently looking at the AMD FX 8150, cuz I have read somewhere that we need high number for cores, to be able to do effecient video editing, and will also help in reducing the rendering time.

I also read that Intel i7s are the king of the hills in this process, so now I am confused. I am sure that Intel has awesome performance even though they are expensive. Hence, if someone can tell me which one can I go for.

Budget is of what I can get the AMD FX 8150, so if there is an Intel substitute at the same price range, then please say so.

Thank you

PS: I am using sony vegas home studio
PPS: I am ready to overclock.

Budget is around Rs. 20,000 [$360]

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