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Originally Posted by 10e View Post
For IPS gaming screens, one of the best 24" screens is the Dell U2412M. Nearly 0 ms input lag, good response time, and pretty good colors generally.

Another nod would go to the Asus VG23AH, which while not 120hz can be overdriven to 72hz using nVidia Control Panel and some parameters easily found on the [H]ard Forum.

Another decent screen IMHO that is TN and true 120hz is the Samsung S23A700D/S23A750D. It is a glossy panel, but has pretty good colors, and since it's a 23" it doesn't suffer as much from the dark top/bright bottom syndrome that the larger TN panels do.

These are as close to your requirements as I can think of outside of the fluke 120hz 27" Catleap screens that were out in March and are now pretty much extinct.
Can the ASUS VG23AH work at 72Hz with a AMD GPU also? I have been looking for an answer to this for many weeks now, and still don't know. Someone with that monitor, can you please test it with an AMD GPU?
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