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We've now flown by 4million and well on our way to 5 which will add more systems (up to 70 at that point), celebrity voice actors from Wing Commander, AND most importantly will add Alien Derelicts as a new type of base. In addition to other stuff. 5.5 million will add the Carrier from the original trailer into the game as an ownable ship. 4.5 million in the short term will add all the hard core sim stuff you could imagine as well as unlocking kickstarter goals as well.

A pirate ship option was also added and can be yours for 110 (addon) to 125, as well as some pirate skins AND the ability to name a system for 5000.

In addition to all that you can now subscribe to receive more insight into the development cycle, there are 10 and 20 dollar options per month.

Final stretch now
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